The WoOoW Platform

The WoOoW platform is a unique platform that allows all bank and non-bank subscribers to have a financial identity. It allows bank accounts and Mobile Money accounts to interact with each other. Allows national MM suppliers to transfer funds to and from international MM suppliers.
Gives the government a channel to send salaries and other affiliates to civil servants and citizens with accounts in several banks or with several suppliers of MM.
Enables connectivity in rural and remote areas. Government staff provided access to transactions, reported on client knowledge, ML activities, taxes, etc.
Electronic KYC with biometrics (fingerprint) for fullproof identification
Possibility for customers to rent or own solar energy systems that provide electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Make budget combinations accessible to all through innovative models. Real-time reporting of all transactions to track all activities. Use of secure technologies such as the blockchain to exchange data. Messenger supporting low speeds for citizens to socialize, share and trade

WoOoW Identifier

It is the main or central component of the platform that provides each individual with a fullproof identity, in addition to the opportunity to authenticate a customer during each transaction. All critical information is mapped directly to a customer's identity. Biometrics, like fingerprints or face, is used to improve safety...

WoOoW Wallet

allows subscribers to manage and make electronic transactions on their money on the move. It allows you to perform all financial transactions with or without a bank account, by creating a virtual wallet account that can be credited via the agent network or a subscriber's bank account...

WoooW account

Account, Agent, PIN, transaction and device management. Perform operations such as balance check, mini statement, etc. Pay utility bills like electricity, water, telephone, gas, etc .... Send and receive OnNet / OffNet money...

WoOoW PayG

With energy and communication as the priority sectors to enable financial inclusion, SIX provides customers with high quality residential solar systems based on a flexible business model. The PayG initiative includes the supply of high-impact home solar systems (UPS, battery, solar panels, accessories) at competitive prices...

WoOow Palabra

It's our incubation and lending solution to expand financial access to help under-served communities thrive and small and medium-sized businesses thrive in their businesses. We do this by crowdfunding loans and providing capital for the underserved, improving the quality and cost of financial services, and addressing the underlying barriers to financial access in Africa...